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An innovative development in language learning, using software developed by Pennant Software Pty Ltd, following research carried out over 20 years.


Learning vocabulary is an under-emphasised part of foreign language acquisition.

Learning a foreign language vocabulary seems to be so different from the natural way we acquire an English language vocabulary, which is picked up gradually over time, and extended to new areas mostly through reading.

The acquire-vocabTM method is designed to build on our natural ability to improve our vocabulary through reading, using graded and non-graded readers.

The technique is simple:

This method uses our brand new app for Android and iPhone mobile phones and tablets. It can also be run on a Windows desktop or laptop. Our app is unlike other vocabulary learning programs in that it keeps track of all the words the student has learnt. It is therefore able to keep vocabulary learning to a minimum by only bringing words up for learning/revision until the point where the student is sufficiently confident about their recall.

The app and the methodology is in place.

A Spanish beginner's course, Bert y Gina in Mallorca, is becoming available in the next few days for Android, iPhone and Windows.

Chinese students wishing to improve their English can do this by reading our delightful love story, Cindy and Charles. This will soon be available for Android, iOS and Windows.


Download AcquireVocab-EnglishChinese For Android(Available soon)

Download AcquireVocab-EnglishChinese For IOS(Available soon)

Download AcquireVocab-EnglishChinese For Windows(Available soon)


Download AcquireVocab-EnglishSpanish For Android(Available soon)

Download AcquireVocab-EnglishSpanish For IOS(Available soon)

Download AcquireVocab-EnglishSpanish For Windows(Available soon)

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