Begin your journey in learning a second language

Start off with Tourist Beginner stories where you are taken through an immersive story as a tourist in another country.

Exercises are structured for successful learning. Within the first hour of learning you can expect to learn quite a few words, be given the opportunity to practice pronunciation of those words, as well as read and listen to provided text.

Expand your Vocabulary
Develop your Listening Skills
Enhance your Reading Skills
Improve your Pronunciation

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Gamification techniques used in Acquire-Vocab keep users coming back to learn more!

Interactive Processes
Instant Feedback
Sense of Achievement
Habit Making
Memorable Concepts
Positive Reinforcement

Learn a Second Language with Acquire-Vocab

Acquire-Vocab for Schools

Work with us to develop course material using Acquire-Vocab

Teacher tools can be accessed to help students learn a language. Results can be accessed for each student so that they can be formally recorded.

We have frameworks ready for Spanish and French with Italian under development.