making language learning accessible to everyone

Immerse yourself in the stories of the world with acquire-vocab, where learning a second language is made available to everybody, regardless of experience or time commitments. Embark upon a journey rich in culture, and excel in story-based courses backed by more than three decades of research.

Our Foundation

The Four Pillars of Learning

Our holistic approach to language learning ensures that the best possible learning is available to everybody, right from the beginning. Every part of our vast and varied content library has been built to take advantage of what we know works, with no aspect of your learning hidden behind a costly premium subscription, or hidden fees.

  • Learning

    No matter your ability, acquire-vocab works to extend your learning at a pace that best suits you

  • Reading

    Indulge in a variety of written texts created for acquire-vocab, designed to best support your language journey

  • Listening

    Learn the proper pronunciation as you go, featuring audio from real-life speakers

  • Speaking

    Put your skills to the test, giving your own all-new answers to purposely designed questions

Study & Storytelling

Learn the acquire-vocab way

Our revolutionary approach to learning a second language ensures that learners are presented with new content just as it would appear in real life. The stories that power acquire-vocab are purpose-built for our exercises by experts in their cultural settings, ensuring that what you learn is accurate, every time. Keep track of your learning with our in-depth and up-to-date rewards system, and enjoy knowing that every session with acquire-vocab is one in which you’ve progressed.

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Diversity in Learning

Available Languages

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Start learning a second language today, and see why learning the acquire-vocab way works - backed by three decades of proven research.

Fit for Purpose


Success requires the best possible environment, and that is what we've built. Our feature-rich mobile app leaves no aspect of learning unaccounted for, complete with sustainable target-tracking capabilities, and a variety of functions that have been made to enrich one another at every turn.

  • Achievable goals

    Make every session one in which you progress with our learning goals, where your achievement and success is always our focus.

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  • Story-based learning

    Enjoy a variety of content set in and about your chosen language’s culture of origin, complete with dialogue spoken by professional linguists and native speakers.

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  • Progression and Rewards

    Keep on top of your learning with our Star Fragments, which are always on show - showing how proud we are of you.

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  • Scenarios you’d know

    Our stories introduce your second language in familiar settings, and situations you’ll already be familiar with.

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  • Ongoing content updates

    The learning never stops with acquire-vocab. Regular updates and expansions to our languages, as well as all-new stories, ensure that you are always able to extend yourself.

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  • Proper form and grammar

    Every exercise we offer has undergone rigorous examination and intense scrutiny, ensuring that everything you learn is of the highest quality.

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