Learn French the Acquire-Vocab way

Acquire Vocabulary to learn French so that you can communicate, speak and understand a second language. The exercises are structured for successful learning. Incorporate Acquire-Vocab into your daily routine and watch your progression grow as you learn.

  • Students are introduced to each word, together with its meaning.
  • Students help themselves in the learning process by indicating whether they can remember each word as it comes up.
  • The story component helps students understand the use of its word in context.
  • The revision component helps ALL students to be successful.
  • The testing component helps student and teachers know how each student is progressing.

Learn Vocabulary through Stories

Acquire-Vocab helps you develop the habits of learning French without stress. Through the small stories provided in the app you can continually improve your listening, speaking and reading skills as well as progressively acquire more and more vocabulary.

Tourist in France

A complete tourist French course. Follow the Laroche family on their vacation in France which starts off in the famous Paris.

Acquire-Vocab: an effective way to learn French

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