Gamification techniques used in Acquire-Vocab keep users coming back to learn more!

Interactive Processes
Instant Feedback
Sense of Achievement
Habit Making
Memorable Concepts
Positive Reinforcement

Gamification Techniques

Gamification techniques used in our acquire-vocab app include the basics, such as interactive processes, quick feedback to users on their responses, and the ability to improve "scores" by being more skilled

As students learn a set of words they are faced with a text that includes those words. The text is actually a story that is unfolding in a second language as they learn the words and read the text. It draws in learners, as they want to know what happens next. Combining learning with the positive enforcement of the process, with a real return to the students, increases the fun of the learning process, and gives the student confidence that they can actually understand the language.

Having tried to read that text silently and to hear it, the student can then practice reading the text out loud, repeating this exercise until they are happy with their own pronunciation.

After this, they are led into self-tests, including simple spelling texts and more challenging listening and spelling tests.

Benefits of Gamification

Interest is a primary motivator in keeping students working at learning a new language. This applies to school-age students and adults are well. Using our app from the very beginning of a language learning course will help with student motivation.

The efficiency of the individual's language learning has a lot to do with the individual's level of interest. Our app can help students improve their learning efficiency. It is learning-based gamification, not an attempt to create a game out of a boring exercise!

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