Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for installation and use of Acquire-Vocab APP produced by PENNANT SOFTWARE PTY LTD, Sydney, Australia.

1. The APP is free to install and use.

2. Many Stories associated with the APP can be downloaded for a trial. A trial gives full access to all the functionality of the APP, but with a limited range of sections of the downloaded Story that can be read. There is no warranty associated with a trial use, but Pennant Software Pty Ltd will provide a free licence for a single Story to any user whose suggestion is adopted in a later release of the APP or the Story.

3. A licence to access all the sections in a story can be purchased from Pennant Software Pty Ltd, via the acquire-vocab BUY page. This is a non-exclusive licence to download and use a particular named Story on a particular device. Once the licence has been activated, it is not transferable to another device. The licence is permanently tied to that particular device.

4. Pennant Software Pty Ltd warrants that for a period of twelve months from the original date of purchase of a particular Story, the Story and the APP will substantially achieve the functionality described in the documentation. If a particular Story cannot be used on the device on which it is installed because of a fault in the Story formatting or in the APP, purchasers are requested to contact Pennant Software Pty Ltd with a description of the perceived fault. In the event that there is a fault in either the Story formatting or in the APP that cannot be repaired, Pennant Software Pty Ltd will offer a full refund of the price paid for the affected Stories. However, Pennant Software Pty Ltd does not warrant that the operation of the APP will be uninterrupted or error-free.

5. Pennant Software Pty Ltd provides free support to a purchaser of a Story for a period of three months from the original date of purchase. Free support is limited to matters related to difficulties encountered in setting up and using the APP or the Story.

6. Under no circumstances will Pennant Software Pty Ltd be liable to the purchaser or any other person for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any character and will not be liable for any damages in excess of the price paid for any Stories purchased.

7. You may not rent or lease the APP or Stories and you must not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble them.

8. Title, ownership rights, and intellectual property rights in the APP and Stories remain with Pennant Software Pty Ltd and/or its suppliers. The APP and Stories are protected by copyright laws and treaties. You may not reproduce, except for your own immediate use, any of the documentation accompanying the APP.

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