Fit for Purpose


Success requires the best possible environment, and that is what we've built. Our feature-rich mobile app leaves no aspect of learning unaccounted for, complete with sustainable target-tracking capabilities, and a variety of functions that have been made to enrich one another at every turn.


Achievable Goals

With acquire-vocab, you are in control of your journey. Our learning goals adapt as your recollection progresses, ensuring that every session is one in which you make progress. Your achievement and success are always our focus.


Story-Based Learning

Our revolutionary story-based model develops your understanding of words and phrases in their real-world context. Enjoy a variety of content set in and about your chosen language's culture, complete with dialogue recorded by fluent speakers.


Scenarios You'd Know

Become introduced to individual words and their meanings in scenarios that are easily digestible and familiar. Though the story may be set within a foreign land, our stories are designed to minimise barriers to entry with everyday situations.


Progression & Rewards

Keep on top of your learning with a fully-featured reward and revision system, designed exclusively for acquire-vocab. Our Star Fragments, which measure your progress, are always on show - showing how proud we are of you.


Ongoing Content Updates

The learning never stops with acquire-vocab. New stories are in constant development, and we are always exploring options for the expansion of our language offerings. These work in tandem, giving you every opportunity to extend yourself and your learning.


Proper Form & Grammar

Every exercise and story offered by acquire-vocab has undergone rigorous examination, guaranteeing that everything you learn is of the highest quality. All language throughout the app is assessed by native speakers and content creation experts ensures that our content is 100% accurate.

Experience a rich feature-set that empowers your language learning. Try it free today!