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  • acquire-vocab is an application for mobile devices, purpose-built to allow any person to begin learning another language, regardless of experience or ability. Our unique, story-based approach to education sets acquire-vocab apart from any other language acquisition software and provides learners with real-world example scenarios to help reinforce their learning.

    All learning within acquire-vocab is provided in small, segmented sessions, aimed at providing the opportunity for anybody to learn a new language regardless of their existing schedule – with fifteen minutes a day being all that is needed to achieve fluency in one of our offered languages.

  • The application is developed and maintained by Sydney-based development studio Pennant Software under the direction of Dr. Graham Lovell. Our exercises and learning processes are backed by more than three decades of Dr. Lovell’s research into acquisition theory and gamification. Our team is comprised of all-Australian management, developers, content authors, support staff, and the voices behind the stories themselves.

  • acquire-vocab is available on Android, with future support planned for additional platforms. The application can be installed at no cost through your device's respective app store.

    An internet connection is required to install acquire-vocab as well as to install any additional learning content. All content within the app has been optimised to ensure that data usage remains as low as possible when downloading additional components. Once application and story content has been downloaded, an internet connection is no longer required to use and learn with acquire-vocab.

    For Android Devices: Available through the Google Play Store. Android 13 or higher is required. A Google account is required to make purchases or download software from the Google Play Store.

  • In order for language learning to be made as accessible as possible, acquire-vocab is free-to-start, with additional purchases being necessary only to gain access to additional content.

    All payments made through the acquire-vocab app are processed by the device’s respective storefront and are subject to their terms and conditions.

    Privacy Policy

  • Our terms and conditions can be found here.

  • Our privacy policy can be found here.

    Content and Learning

  • All currently available content is able to be viewed via the Story Management button on the Home Screen of the acquire-vocab app, alongside their individual pricing.

    All payments are processed by the operator of your device's storefront. After a purchase has been verified, the user will be prompted to download the story content files.

  • The option to uninstall any one individual story can be found within the drop-down menu at the top-right of respective story's overview screen. Additionally, this menu also provides the functionality necessary for completely resetting your progress on a story, should you wish to start over.

    Deleting a story will provide you with the option to reset the learned words across all related stories if you wish.

  • In order to achieve the best possible results when learning with acquire-vocab, users will be prompted to record themselves pronouncing words and phrases aloud, before comparing them against a skilled demonstration.

  • The acquire-vocab teams holds your personal privacy in the highest regard. While your device may request for permission to record 'while using the app', your microphone will only become active and begin recording when the recording button is pressed during an exercise. Any recorded audio is stored only on the user's device and is not able to be accessed by support staff or any third party.

    Additionally, all recordings made during a learning session are erased following the end of the exercise.

  • The forgot button allows you to mark as a word as incorrect, ensuring that it appears more frequently in future exercises.

  • The learnt button allows you to mark a word as remembered, cycling it out of future exercises.

  • Instructions can be reviewed via the purple help symbol, represented by an encircled question mark, and visible at all times at the top right of your exercise screen.

  • Android supports inputting variations of standard characters by pressing and holding on the associated letter (for example, e for é), and selecting the desired glyph from the subsequent menu.

    Troubleshooting & Technical Support

  • We are aware of an issue that may cause users to become locked out upon starting the app.

    If this occurs, please fully close the app from the app switcher and restart acquire-vocab to restore proper functionality.

  • If you are unable to find acquire-vocab through your device’s respective storefront, it is possible that the app may not yet be available in your country, or your device may not meet the minimum specifications listed above.

    Please contact Pennant Software if your device meets the minimum requirements but you are still unable to find the app.

  • If you are experiencing any errors when operating the application, please ensure that you have updated to the latest version before continuing.

    Attempt to resolve any erratic behaviour by means of a device restart or by uninstalling and redownloading the app.

    Please contact Pennant Software if this behaviour continues after troubleshooting.

  • The acquire-vocab support team is available during weekday business hours to assist you however we best can. Please reach out to us via our website or the support button on the home screen of the acquire-vocab app.

  • Please ensure that both the volume slider for your device is turned to above zero, and that silent mode is not currently active.

    Certain functions of your device's operating system may be responsible for the automatic silencing of audio playback. These are commonly referred to as 'sleep', 'do not disturb' or 'focus' modes. Please refer to the documentation specific to your device if you believe this to be the cause. Pennant Software Pty Limited does not guarantee to provide support for the full functionality of the acquire-vocab application whilst these modes are active.

  • All answers throughout the acquire-vocab learning process are case sensitive, in order to assess proper grammatical structure and capitalisation.

    Though you may not be intentionally capitalising a word, this is often a core function of the default keyboard installed on several devices across the market.

    For Android users, the acquire-vocab team recommends installing the Gboard keyboard and disabling automatic capitalisation and autocorrect.

  • All provided content available for purchase is considered complete. At times, minor changes may be necessary to ensure proper functionality within the app.

    The acquire-vocab app itself is considered ‘software as a service’ and is subject to ongoing development and expansion. Updates will be made available through your device’s respective storefronts and will include an outline of the changes made to the application.

    New stories will be made available for purchase on a regular basis. Purchased entitlements to stories cannot be transferred or exchanged unless required by consumer law.

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