Our Foundation

The Four Pillars of Learning

Our holistic approach to language learning ensures that the best possible learning is available to everybody, right from the beginning. Every part of our vast and varied content library has been built to take advantage of what we know works, with no aspect of your learning hidden behind a costly premium subscription, or hidden fees.

  • Learning

  • Reading

  • Listening

  • Speaking


Paced to Suit You

Every facet of your acquire-vocab journey is made to be flexible, no matter your current ability. Even with only fifteen minutes of commitment a day, our processes are designed to maximise your engagement and provide the challenge required to extend your learning. Dynamic adjustments in the pace of your learning occur on-the-fly, allowing for everybody to learn the acquire-vocab way, whichever way works for them.


Made for acquire-vocab

Indulge in a variety of purpose-made texts, written specifically to suit the learning processes and content delivery platform that powers the acquire-vocab app. Our revolutionary, story-based approach to learning is built upon real-life scenarios or adapted from familiar texts that best support your language-learning journey, whilst providing an entertaining glimpse at a foreign nation that is rich in culture.


Learn From the Best

Proper demonstration empowers your learning, right from the very start. Every line in an acquire-vocab story is accompanied by spoken dialogue, delivered confidently and with a focus on clarity by a real-life native speaker of your future second language - modelling the path toward fluency in every scenario. Complementary exercises will test your ability to identify missing words and phrases throughout these audio demonstrations, enhancing both your ability to recognise the spoken word and notate it.


Showcase Your Skills

Engage with a variety of challenging scenarios, purposefully designed to provide you with the opportunity to construct all-new answers to familiar questions. No matter how trying they may be, these exercises are an excellent measure of your progress. It provides the capability for you to apply your skills from all across the second language spectrum - a task that only becomes easier as you make strides in your knowledge.

Learn a second language the holistic way, empowered by our four pillars. Try it free today!